Our Providers

Dahra Perkins, MD, ABFM, ABIHM is board certified in both family medicine and integrative and holistic medicine, and trained in functional medicine. This gives her an extensive toolkit to work with and an ability to meet each patient’s unique needs and preferences. She sees a wide variety of people; from newborns to the elderly, women and men, from generally healthy people who want to maximize their potential to people with complex, chronic diseases. 

Ways to participate

Are you looking for a primary care provider who has time to get to know you well? A family medicine doctor who will address your chronic health concerns as well as be available to see you for urgent health issues? A doctor board-certified in integrative and holistic medicine and trained in functional medicine who will utilize a broad range of diagnostic tools and treatment modalities to optimize your energy, mood, fitness, resilience and help you to elevate your overall health?

What Is a Membership Model?

With the membership model, we can make non-office care readily available. If your concerns or questions do not require an in office physical exam, Dr. Perkins can address your needs in a phone conversation or online message exchange. This means a lot more convenience for you with fewer trips to the medical office. For many, it means not losing valuable work time or sick leave to take care of your personal medical needs.



"Wow. This is everything and more than I could have asked for. I can't thank you enough for such great advice and support. I love your practice and appreciate you and your staff."  -RF