Membership Fees for Primary Care and Functional Medicine:

Adults > 24 years old: $150 per month

Patients who are 24 years old and younger will be $75 per month. When at least one parent is enrolled, their first two children under 25 years old are $35 each per month. Any additional children are free of charge.

Cash prices for services (if we are not billing insurance, due at time of service):

Primary Care/Urgent Care/Functional Medicine: 
Varies pending length and complexity of visit. There is a 20% discount for cash pay at time of service. 

$128 per 50-minute session.  

90-minute session (includes intake and 70-75 minutes of bodywork:  sliding scale $70-90
120-minute session (includes intake and 90-100 minutes of bodywork, or a combination of bodywork and coaching): sliding scale $90-120

$65 per session

$20 per 30-minute session