Ways to participate at Elevate Health:

Are you looking for a primary care provider who has time to get to know you well? A family medicine doctor who will address your chronic health concerns as well as be available to see you for urgent health issues? A doctor, board certified in integrative and holistic medicine and trained in functional medicine who will utilize a broad range of diagnostic tools and treatment modalities to optimize your energy, mood, fitness, resilience and help you to elevate your overall health?

We’re glad you’ve found us.

To access these “primary care plus” services, enroll in our monthly membership program. Call 503-227-0350 to sign up or to schedule an introductory phone conversation or in person “Meet and Greet” with Dr. Dahra Perkins.

You can visit Primary Care, Functional Medicine, Nutrition Counseling and Membership Fee Model to learn more about these.  

Are you looking for counseling? A massage? An acupuncture session?  

To access these services, call 503-227-0350 to schedule your first appointment. You can find all of those here with or without participation in the membership program.