"I could not be more satisfied with the fine attention I receive from Dr. Dahra Perkins and her team. My first visit began with an hour-long talk during which she asked me many questions about my life--and not only about my health history.  Her approach is to see her patients as people who are more than the sum of their ailments. Wellbeing is the palpable goal at Elevate Health, and I have felt in very good hands since I started seeing her more than four years ago."   -A.H.

"Having been an RN for over 40 years, I have had excellent relationships with physicians as a staff member and as a patient.  But the best relationship of my career has been with Dr. Dahra Perkins of Elevate Health.  She is the premier example of a positive and beneficial physician-patient partnership.  She brings her expertise of family practice medicine and integrates it with functional medicine to provide holistic yet practical health care.  I feel listened to and valued as a patient in a truly collaborative relationship." -D.S